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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Marin Horizon School is proud of our leadership role in Bay Area educational circles for its unparalleled dedication to building a diverse community and approach. This commitment is a key element of our philosophy and illustrates the school’s aim to equip all of our students to be successful in both local and global communities. 

Leading by example, Marin Horizon spearheads launch of Horizon Community School in Marin City.


In 2017, Marin Horizon School forged an innovative partnership with Community Action Marin, a public agency, to provide quality early childhood education in Marin City through a new program, the Horizon Community School. Now in its seventh year, Horizon Community School serves over 45 children ages 2 through 4, providing essential preparation for success wherever they matriculate for kindergarten and beyond. 


The partnership honors the Marin Horizon School mission to foster and respect diversity within the local community and the world, to provide real-world experiences that promote collaboration and multicultural respect, and it aligns with the school's overall strategic plan to build relationships outside of its immediate community.


The interaction among the campuses benefits all students as diverse learning environments promote higher student achievement and benefit all cultural groups.

DEI is in our DNA.

DEI isn't a checkbox at Marin Horizon. It is in the fabric of everything we do…whether it is discussing the best way to build a curriculum, putting on community events, recruiting faculty, selecting students…the diversity of backgrounds and ideas makes Marin Horizon a unique community and institution. 

Why does it Matter? 

Diversity drives excellence.  Research shows that diverse groups make better decisions, solve problems more effectively, and generally experience better outcomes than homogeneous groups.


At Marin Horizon, we have always known that academic education by itself is not sufficient to prepare students for the world they will encounter after graduation. Becoming innovative, ethical thinkers and conscious leaders of the future requires direct exposure to diverse perspectives and life experiences today.

Horizon Community School

Recognized as a model for putting ideas into action, Horizon Community School is a program of Marin Horizon School that offers our Toddler and Primary program (tuition free) to 45 Pre-K students each year from the neighboring Marin City.

Student Groups

In the Upper School, students lead affinity groups, which bring together people who share culture, religion, race, gender, passion for the environment, sustainability, and more. It's all student led, which make it effective.


At Marin Horizon, diversity is purposefully embedded into our curriculum. Each grade's curriculum is designed to include diversity in reading materials, civic topics, and current events - across race, religion, culture, and society.

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Cultural Events

Our community events lay special emphasis on diversity and bring people together - with events like "What's your Dumpling?" with various cuisines, or MLK Night with poetry on race relations.


The Marin Horizon community is diverse. More than 35% of students identify as a person of color. Different cultures and religions are celebrated in classrooms. Diversity in gender, identity and sexual preference are appreciated. 

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Parent Education

The Community Association organizes a parent education series, with topics including technology use with teens, appreciating diverse views, modeling healthy behaviors, conflict resolution, and current events.

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